Hi there!

I’m Rachel Wyatt, designer, art director, Dolly Parton enthusiast. As a creative, the one question that repeats on the WalkMan in my mind is: how do I push myself and my creative boundaries more than I did yesterday? 

Trying new color palettes, fresh typefaces, and varying design layouts help push the creative front. But I often find my most exciting inspiration in the quiet moments of life. Like the abstract pattern my dog leaves behind on the couch from her muddy paws. Or the multitude of pinks and oranges sprayed across the sky at sunset as I’m chasing my dog who’s chasing the squirrel across the yard. 

Can you tell I have a puppy? 

Floppy ears and groveling tail wags aside, I l love creating to not only meet client deadlines, but exceed their expectations. If you give me a seed, I will grow a forest. Hand me an ice cube and I’ll construct a 3-story ice sculpture with an elevator. Assign me a project and I’ll come back with things you had no idea you even needed. I won’t confirm or deny anything, but I may or may not be able to see into the future. Just wish I could find my Dolly Parton mixtape and the keys to my DeLorean.

While my crystal ball is in the shop, let’s connect the old fashioned way: